Monday, August 29, 2011

pastel 2: The food outlet at Saattaal

This one is from the trip to Nanitaal  and this is at saattaal this place is so beautiful and at that time sun was giving us beautiful shadows to capture.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

pastel series landscape 1

I have always loved working in pastels but this is the first time that i m planning to make a whole series in pastels. My aim this this time is to discover a new style in my technique. I would love if you can give me suggestions during this phase i would love to hear from you . critics are most welcome.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple :my favourite fruit

when i was young my sister used to tease me by the name "applewali" as i was the one eating apples all the time.And the love for this fruit is still there, especially the red ones.I really loved painting these. 

pastel 3,dedicated to mr.zahoor

my love for pastel started when i came in contact with my teacher mr.zahoor zargar. he had lots of pastel potraits and drawings in his studio.And this time although i am doin it for myself but it is dedicated to you sir.

An evening at zoo.
This is a memorable one as i did this one at zoo in delhi. Last time when we had gone to zoo i had sketched lots of  animals. but this time with my 4 yr old it was a difficult think to do and then i came across this place their was a small lake nearby and this little fort so i decided to sat down and paint.