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lake surrounded by palm trees : kerela


  1. This one is really nice!Can I have some basic tips on watercolours? I'm an absolute beginner and I'm really BAD but have a deep desire to paint in watercolours. I'm trying to learn from Internet...Thanks!:)

    1. Hi tarang yes i am an art instructor and always ready to help what problems do you face while doin watercolours.

    2. Hello...thanks for the reply!

      Actually, I'm not sure about the usage of water or the brushstroke or type of paper I'm using..I don't know what's wrong...I mean I see some paintings and they seem quite easy yet nice but when I try to paint them they don't look that nice...:(

      I always need to look at some picture/painting while painting. Is it okay for an absolute beginner (I've just started...last month)? When I try to paint according to my own imagination, it looks ugly...:(


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